Questions about life insurance may be simple, but finding right answers are not

The eight questions of life insurance are simple ones… Why might you need life insurance? If you were to die tomorrow who would assume your debt? Would your obligations fall to your children? Do you have a business that could be forced to assume your obligations? How does term life insurance work? What is whole life? How much insurance might you need? Where should you buy life insurance? While the questions are simple, the answers to these questions tend to get complicated. That’s where Optincall fits in.

Optincall® ( was created to give consumers tools to research complicated issues like life insurance and avoid the hassles associated with data marketing, helping consumers simplify their lives and spend more time on the things that matter to them. Optincall connects consumers over the phone with insurance brokers, without sharing their names or phone numbers. This way the consumer doesn’t have to worry about unwanted telemarketing calls after they hang up the phone. This saves consumers all kinds of time. They don’t need to research who to call – the call comes to them. And since they make the appointment, they can be prepared for the call and know that it will come at a time convenient for them.

By using Optincall to research life insurance needs, consumers are in better control over who has their phone number in the first place, and will waste less time with frustrating telemarketing calls. Finally, in recognition that time is money, they are paid and rewarded for each call they take through the free-to-join Optincall program. Saving time is all about planning and using the right tools. Optincall is one of those tools.

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