Today’s telemarketing call center is equipped with all the goodies

If your thoughts of a telemarketing call center date back to the opening sequences of the movie Glengarry Glen Ross you are living in the telemarketing stone age. Back in the day, most businesses used manual dialing to reach out to prospective customers. With the introduction of sophisticated databases and CRM software systems in the latter part of the 20th Century, click-to-call became the shiny new object in the telemarketing ecosystem. While telemarketers loved click-to-call because of its ease of use and efficiency, consumers hated it because it increased dramatically the number of calls telemarketers could make each hour.

New technologies have continually supercharged the telemarketing business, turning the business into a finely-tuned, high-velocity machine. Call centers are now equipped with Power Dialers, Preview Dialers, even Predictive Dialers. And many of the call centers today employ all three of these technologies. Power Dialers automatically make outbound calls whenever the telemarketer becomes available, no need for the telemarketer to even push a button. Preview Dialers, have data sets associated with every phone number in its system, so the telemarketer has access to your name and other household information before the call is initiated and while he or she is pitching. Predictive Dialers have large amounts of information about both the consumers in its database and the telemarketers that are selling against its database. They automatically dial several contacts at the same time and when a person answers the phone that call is transferred to one of the telemarketers who is available and best suited for that exchange. All decisioning is based on data that exists relative to that number, the telemarketing pool and the predicted subject matter.

While the telemarketing business is firing on all cylinders, consumers have reached their breaking point because of the number of calls they receive on landlines and cell phones each day. That’s one of the reasons the Federal Do Not Call list was created. Optincall® ( was created to give consumers tools to avoid the hassles associated with data marketing, helping consumers simplify their lives and spend more time on the things that matter to them. Optincall connects consumers over the phone with insurance brokers, solar installation providers and others they select, without sharing names or phone numbers. This way the consumer doesn’t have to worry about unwanted telemarketing calls after they hang up. This saves consumers all kinds of time. They don’t need to research who to call – the call comes to them. And since they make the appointment, they can be prepared for the call and know that it will come at a time convenient for them.

By using Optincall, consumers are in better control over who has their phone number in the first place, and will waste less time with frustrating telemarketing calls. Finally, in recognition that time is money, they are paid and rewarded for each call they take through the free-to-join Optincall program. Saving time is all about planning and using the right tools. Optincall is one of those tools.

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